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Mefiag Paper Filter

Mefiag Paper Filter  Mefiag Paper Filter  CNC Coolant Filtration Cleaning System

Advantages Mefiag disc filter vs cartridge filters

- Better filtration due large filter surface
- Longer life-time due large filter surface
- Filter media less expensive
- Sludge will stay in the assembly
- Filter paper/ Filter cloth
- Chemical Resistance
- Suitable for Plating Industry
- PVDF, PP, PVC Housing

Primary Products
  - centrifugal
  - Sealless vertical pumps 
  - Self-priming pumps
  - Magnectic Drive / mag-drive
   - Disc
   - cartridge
   - bag
   - Carbon treatment
  - Filterpaper
  - cartridges
  - bags

Major Markets
Surface industry
  - Electroplating
  - Anodising
  - Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Printed circuit fabrication
  - Etching
  - Acid Cupper
Semiconductor fabrication
Chemical transfer
   - Acids
   - Solvents
   - Caustics    
Wastewater treatment     

Mefiag advantage

ExperienceFor more than 50 years, Mefiag has operated a continious development program to supply the best products. The most advanced production techniques allows Mefiag to provide the highest possible quality with an optimum price/preformance ratio. 

Manufacturing - We Control the Entire Process In-House!
Manufacture All Our Own Components. By manufacturing our own components we can insure the highest strength and corrosion resistance.

Flexibility - Mefiag has the flexibility to meet special customer requirements for pump designs and unique installation problems.

Service A highly trained, sales an service staff provides worldwide technical advise and spare parts service 

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